Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Share the LOVE! Bob Marley Day in Hilo!

Sunday we had "rasta fun" in Mo'oheau Park & Bandstand with several hundred other Big Island residents and visitors. It was a free celebration of the life of Bob Marley and a support of continual sustainability for our island. It was all about "Sharing the Love" which is the essence of Aloha. 

Here, the artist Nectarina sings her sweet songs. I LOVE this girl! And while she is singing, another woman is getting her hair accessorized Rasta style while her new puppy sleeps on her shoulder: 
The Agriculture Fair was excellent, filled with interesting booths showing everything from taro & Kava cultivation (free plants too!) to a seed exchange and lots of green technology and sustainability ideas, even CPR demonstrations. 

It was a zero waste event. All of the food vendors were required to use compostable serve ware  and there were lots of containers to put recyclables and compostables all over the park. 

Fantastic foods were available from Jerk Chicken to macrobiotic salads and sandwiches. The event was a substance free event, so those who expected a haze of pot smoke or the trademark bottles of Red Stripe were in for a surprise. Of course there was a guy sitting next to us who had a big bottle of beer that he kept pouring into an Arizona Tea Bottle, so I guess there were a few "work arounds".  We offered him a plastic cup from our cooler and he was delighted, he said, "Hey Man, I love you guys.

People climbed the big Banyan Tree next to the bandshell for a birds eye view. Lots of people were parked in their cars across from the park on the waterfront and sat there to listen to the  music. 

It was a fantastic event, typically Hilo in the fact that it was free and fun and supported well by the community. We enjoyed lots of music and people watching. Next weekend is a two day festival celebrating the Chinese New Year. I am looking forward to the film festival part of it. 

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Connie Lou said...

what fun, mon =) thanks for the re-load to my link! Big Mahalo!