Friday, March 6, 2009

Peasant Foods of the World

*note... this post has a lot of pictures, be patient while it loads*

Last Saturday was the fourth International Cooking Club Dinner. This one was hosted by Lelani

 and had the theme "Peasant Foods of the World".  Once again there was an abundance of wonderful food, plenty of wine and most of all a good time! 36 members and guests showed up and Lelani had converted her great room into a dining hall complete with candles on the tables and cloth napkins for everyone! 

There were so many foods from so many countries that I did not even get pictures of half of them. Lelani served pizzas as pupus and nobody would have ever known that they were her first home made pizzas if she hadn't told us! They just kept coming out of the oven every few minutes. 

Joey and Bonnie made authentic Buffalo Wings from his "homeland". They disappeared every time Bonnie brought a plate out, so I never had a chance to get a picture! 

Here are just a few of the many offerings from the evening that I was able to photograph before they were gobbled up: 

Noel made his mother's recipe of Pancit and all of that with a severely broken finger too!

Liz (along with help from Mike the farmer) made Chicken and Dumplings with their own chickens and veggies from their garden. 

Kieth, Mike and Liz awaiting the next batch of chicken wings! 

Carrie made a South African Dish that I am not sure how to spell. 

Bonnie made delicious bread (as always) and a fantastic Pilaf that I think was her mother's family recipe.
Brad and Ron made some of the best Macaroni and Cheese that I have ever tasted. 

Here are Ron, Keith (he always gets in my pictures!) and Brad
I need to take better notes! The woman that brought the Portuguese Beans (no not soup, just the beans) won Wes' heart. 

The best thing of all was having good friends to dine with and hearing some of the stories that went along with the food. 
Laney Pizza Chef and Bonnie the Baker
Ron Brad and Noel (note the splint on his hand)

And here is a video from the night, Joey sharing his "heritage of Buffalo Wings" and more...

Next month is going to be at our house for Spanish Tapas on March 28th. 

If you are interested in joining our group, please e-mail me  with your name, location and e-mail address and I will put you in our data base and send you an invitation. 

The next post will be about Scuba Sunday! After that, the Big Island Nurseryman's Sale!

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Connie Lou said...

Hi Devany,

Your group always looks like so much fun, and the food...yum! I just happened to post a recipe for Chinese Chuk (Juk, Chook...) on my blog, definitely peasant food, if you are interested. Keep on blogging, great job!