Thursday, March 19, 2009

Party Time!Kick off St.Pat's Weekend in Hawaii

Hawaiians love to have parties. Almost every weekend we have a variety of opportunities to go to at least one shindig or two of some kind.  However, last weekend we were invited to a SERIOUS Party (actually two, but the second one is another post).  My friend Teri Suggs , a fellow ceramic artist from the Walnut Creek Clay Arts Guild who moved here last summer and lives in a fantastic kind of Shangrila North of Honokaa. Their property has several houses and acres of fantastic mature fruit and nut trees. Teri is also a musician and plays the fiddle focusing on celtic music, but I learned on Saturday night that she also is a "Sultry Siren" when she sings. She plays the beautiful sculptural ocarinas that she makes. Teri teaches sculpture and ceramics in Honokaa, you can contact her through her link for more information.

Teri's Saint Patrick's Day Party was so much fun. There were over 60 people there and when we arrived there was a large L shaped tent, filled with candle lit tables and twinkling lights. There was a beverage tent (With abundant Guinness) and inside the house was an array of fantastic foods brought by the guests as well as the Corned Beef and Cabbage provided by our hosts.

We met several fun people and a few darling dogs who were absolute experts in begging for food. Bubba in particular had a great style. He was a huge black lab that looked like he probably had a Great Dane ancestor or two. He had this incredibly large head and sweet face. With those eyes it was difficult to resist not giving him a wee piece of corned beef.  I succumbed.

The entire evening was enchanting, but the best part was the music. Here is a video of some of the music. Teri is featured here, but we were also highly impressed with this clarinet player... she was a real "cat" when it came to playing. I don't know her name, but I am sure Teri will e-mail me with her name when she reads this. Sorry for the low lights, I did not want to spoil the mood for others by adding lighting:


Coconut Girl Connie said...

I love your "pahtee" post. I have always had a secret desire to have a private jazz club in my back yard...maybe one day. Keep up the great posting, especially your love for Hawaii Nei, how refreshing!

lynne Jordan said...

Oh MY God!! What a wonderful life YOU are leading in paradise!! LOve that you shot a video. It was gorgeous.

I forgot that you are computer/tech savvy.

I am so comng to visit! Love to Wes.

Anonymous said...

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klaysinger said...

How fun! to see your post about our party, while the corned beef is simmering away. Thanks for posting the video... the wonderful Pam Laughlin is the clarinet player. She's back in CA now, but maybe next year...

Anonymous said...

I dunno Devany -

I don't know many true "Hawaiians" that use an Irish Holiday to Celebrate heavily. (wink)

I'd say it's just another opportunity to have a beer... Something many Hawaiians have no problem putting down a "Green" Bottle.

Anonymous said...

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Always yours,
miss MW