Friday, April 17, 2009

It's HULA Time

Above is a video I shot, with a sampling of the evening's traditional dances and a view of the winner of Miss Hula 2009; Cherissa Henoheanäpuaikawaokele Käne who is a student of singer/songwriter Kealii Reichel.

Here we are in the midst of the World Championship of Hula, the Merrie Monarch Festival. It is Hilo's yearly opportunity for the world to visit and for the ancient and revered art of Hula to be showcased in a way that is not done in any other venue.

Last night was the first competition, the Miss Hula competition. Traditional Costume, Dance and Hawaiian language in chants and song are among the judging features for the Kahiko portion of the competition. Then there is a costume change and the Auana segment of the competition, which is more modern and formal begins. Here you can see both dances of each top contestant thanks to our local ABC channel:

Miss Aloha Hula 2009 Results:

· Winner: Cherissa Henoheanäpuaikawaokele Käne 1,064 points (Video: Kahiko Auana

· 1st Runner Up: C’ari Mae Kawailehua Kealoha 1,038 points (Video: Kahiko Auana

· 2nd Runner Up: Kaholo Kahikipi‘ilani Panui 1,026 points (Video: Kahiko Auana)

· 3rd Runner Up: Pöhaikau‘ilani Ann Nu‘uhiwa 1,017 points (Video: Kahiko Auana)

· 4th Runner Up: Maria Ka‘iulani Kanehailua 1,005 points (Video: Kahiko Auana)

· OHA Hawaiian Language Award: Cherissa Henoheanäpuaikawaokele Käne

And so the fun continues. Tomorrow I will be filming the parade, which is supposed to be one of the best parts of the whole festival. We shall see and so shall YOU!

For more history and information on Merrie Monarch, visit my friend Connie's blog post: Coconut Girl's View of Merrie Monarch

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Coconut Girl Connie said...

Aloha, Devany,

Thanks so much for the mention. Maybe I will be able to pick you out of the crowd on Saturday =). My gosh, the view from your porch is gorgeous, hope it helps to keep you inspired in your art work.

Thank you again....and great videos...I have to admit, I am an "arm chair" hula viewer...loved the ' beautiful!