Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day Retrospective

Here it is again, the day we celebrate fathers! There of course are all kinds of fathers and I thought you might enjoy these vintage pictures of some of them...

The "First Father" having shave ice with his girls

Daddies who toss you in the air (Check out that birdhouse on the arbor!)

There is the Father of the Bride

Remember when it was OK to smoke holding a kid?

There is Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The "Holy Father"

The not so Holy Father

Then Father Knows Best (loved that show!)

The Suave Convertible Dad

Father Divine (Harlem)

Christmas Daddy

And finally, my Dad with my Son, Butchy Fuego

And then there is my "Big Daddy"!

And then there is Doggy Daddy (I think he is related to Big Daddy)

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