Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays: This Morning's Sunrise


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I recall when I first came to the Big Island and each day would look out from Kealakekua over the ocean at sunset and every day there was an amazing sunset --- vogless.

At that time my brothers owned the the Aloha theater and the natural food store and I was there cleaning windows, painting floors, baking bread and making avocado sprout sandwiches. Now we must appreciate the sunsets - but when the vog is heavy that is not always possible.

Also thanks for including the Sustainable Hawaii article about local food and cooking. Margaret Wille

RJS said...

Really nice sunrise. It nice to see the ocean view from your side of the island. You get the sunrise and we get the sunset...Sounds fair..Happy w.w.! rjs

asly said...

OMG! Beautiful! I can't wait to come visit Hawaii, hope I'll get some good weather. We will be there the last 2 weeks of October. Wonder if your friend Sharky needs help harvesting coffee then? Would love the experience that. Hope you're feeling better.

Devany said...

Margaret, please send me an e-mail. I would love to hear some of your stories from back in those days!

You are sadly right about the Vog. Eventually Pele will settle down again and the Vog will leave Kona. Of course when the Kona winds blow sometimes we get a taste of it too. No fun.

Margaret, do you get Edible Hawaiian Islands magazine? You should be able to find it at Island Naturals.

RJS... isn't it fun to get it from both sides? Actually when things are "JUST right" we get something called a reverse sunset, where we get such a glow on the clouds from the setting sun in the West that our view east is enhanced. I have only seen it once in the last five months though. I have a picture, I will have to post it on a Wordless Wednesday.

Ann, I will check with Tom and see. I do know he will have another Cacoa harvest around then too.

I think the weather here in October is lovely. We were here at that time last year for our closing and it was spectacular. And yes, thank you, I am feeling better.

allensylves said...

I did see your sunset photos on Hawaii247, but did not realize they were yours. I was looking for bread - LOL - and plants. You ARE really getting close to being 9 for 9.

allensylves said...

In correction to my last post, I just checked Hawaii 247 and YOU ARE 9 FOR 9 - Way to go!

Andrew Cooper said...

The vog is an annoyance, but it does add a soft golden glow to many of the recent sunsets, often quite dramatic. This evening's sunset was no exception.

Sunny said...

Lovely photos! I also read your article about Cuban food. Very interesting.