Friday, July 31, 2009

A Fresh View

My brother and his wife were here from California last week. It was their first time in Hawaii and showing them around our island was a real treat, because we got to see things from a fresh perspective. It was a gentle reminder about what a special place we live in.

My sister in-law's daughter got married in Kona:
Here is a video of the Wedding Luau:
Here is my brother and sis in law Debbie at the Wedding Luau:

Fruit on the Lanai every morning:

Wes examines our first Geocache. My brother is a pro-cache man!

There were waterfalls, large and small:
Mutual admiration of the flora:

A stop in Laupahoehoe to see the train museum, monument beach and lunch at the '50's diner.
We went to Waipio Valley

Sunrises and sunsets in abundance

We visited the caldera and the lava viewing area...
They went home with lots of memories and we have the joy of ours to savor. Love living on this island!

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