Sunday, September 13, 2009

Damon Tucker Turns 40

He may look like a kid and sometimes he acts like a kid, but there is now proof he is "over the hill". Yesterday Big Island Blogger Damon Tucker turned 40.

Happy Birthday Damon!

We caught him at the Big Island Internet Soceity Meet and Greet at Big Island Pizza yesterday. I made cupcakes and we (about 40 Big Island Bloggers/Internet Aficionados) sang Happy Birthday to Damon and passed around the free beer donated by Hilo's own Hawaii Nui Brewing Company . Damon's mother showed up and I got a picture of them together and Damon had a rare smile on his face, almost as big as the one he had when trying to blow out his candles and then realizing that they are the kind that do not blow out.

I threatened that I had put Aloha Arlene inside a giant birthday cake for him but she was a no show.

For those of you who do not know Damon, he is the founder of a prolific blog about the Big Island of Hawaii... and of course about Damon. He also created FBI Blogs, a compilation of blogs for and about the Big Island by bloggers who live on the island of Hawaii. Damon tirelessly promotes the big island blogs and has done a great deal to create camaraderie amongst fellow big island bloggers. Damon lives in Puna with his wife five year old son. Happy birthday kid and thank you for all the work you have done. Just remember, 40 is the new 20.


Lee E. said...

Happy B day Damon!

Brooke said...

Just getting around to look through your blog! We JUST got back (I say "just"'s been a month!) from Hawaii and OH MY!!! You are one lucky girl to live there. We cannot wait to go back...seriously, counting the days!! I plan to spend hours looking through your pictures! :) My husband has already peeked and thinks you have the best job EVER! Thanks for saying hi!

Devany said...

Hello Brooke Vickery!We will have to have a Vickery Party next time you come to Hawaii.