Friday, September 25, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

As promised I am continuing my Show and Tell on Fridays. I am starting with one of my favorite blogs and then will pick one blog from their blog roll to share with you and then another from that blog and on and on. I call it "Blogwandering":

Nicole from Pinch My Salt is a woman who has been a great inspiration to me in many ways. She is the one that started the Bread Bakers Apprentice Challenge, where 200 of us food bloggers and some bakers who do not blog from around the world have been baking together through Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice since May. Nicole's blog Pinch My Salt has been noted by Bon Appetitit as one of their favorite blogs and since I have been following her I can see why. She posts about food and takes the most delectable photographs. Some of her work has also been featured on Food Porn Daily... more on that site in a bit. Nicole is also an inspiration to me because she has been holding down the fort while her husband is serving in Iraq. He is coming home to her soon! She also got to live in Italy while he was stationed there and she often shares photos from her time there. Nicole generously doles out advice to novice bakers and is supportive of the many bloggers that she follows. She is one of my personal heroes!

I already gave you a hint about this one, Food Porn Daily. It is not so much of a blog, but a daily indulgence into some rather wonderful food photography that gets you salivating and wanting to hit the kitchen running. You can sign up for food porn to come directly to your e-mail box daily. Some recipes are provided, but it is mostly eye candy that gets the salivary glands oozing. There are savory dishes, amazing cakes as the above devil's food cake with peanut butter cream cheese filling, ganache and peanut frosting. Their mantra is "click, drool, repeat." I have been doing so for a few months and I love it!

While we are on the subject of food porn, the creators of that site have another site with their own recipes and photos, many of which naturally make their way to Food Porn Daily. Tyler and Amanda have been sharing What We're Eating since 2005 through their blog. More beautiful photography and luscious ideas for food that is cleverly composed and exquisitely photographed. A few ads appear on this site that don't really fit with the kind of food that Amanda and Tyler present, but that is the price we pay for getting all of this beautiful content. The above picture from their site features mahi mahi in slow roasted tomato tarragon broth. Click, drool, repeat here too!

While browsing my way around What We're Eating I looked at their blog roll and saw one that interested me, Boots In the Oven : An Orgy of Food, Travel and Other Awesomeness. The name intrigued me and then after I opened the page I was blown away because Rachel and Logan, the bloggers had just left Hilo after spending a few days here dining and visiting the zoo and Volcano! There are several great posts with awesome pictures including the one above with the double rainbow. They got a good taste of some local food, but I wish I could have hosted them and shared some more of the big island with them. I could have saved them from their Thai disaster at least. Rachel and Logan hail from Austin, Texas which has the amazing City Market. Take a peek at Boots in the Oven and look through their adventures in Hawaii, then dig deeper they have had a fun time since they started their blog in 2005.So, who did Boots in the Oven have on their blog roll?

Wooly Pigs of course! This is a blog from a pig farmer who has imported a special lard (NOW we're talkin'!) type breed of pig, the Mangalista (aka Mangalitza and Wollschwein) that is supposed to be one of the world's tastiest pigs. They use European techniques to produce the best pork in the New World. They are located in Auburn Washington. They air cure hams and make wonderful products as well as provide the pigs to restaurants such as the French Laundry.

I guess the pig stops here because the Wooly Pigs did not have any blogs to share. I will be back next Friday with more great blogs for you.

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