Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning Walk Cell Phone Pics

Every morning my friend Maria and I get out and walk three miles, more if it is flat. Most mornings we have a route that goes across the highway and over the old road to Honoli'i and back. It is filled with raspberries, guavas, avocados, breadfruit and waterfalls with the treat of watching surfers at Honoli'i midway. On Wednesdays, our friend Noel joins us as we go to the farmer's market first and then trek past the canoe sheds, past the "yacht harbor" and over to the beautiful Lili'uokalani Gardens. I take pictures most every day. I have been saving them up and will be sharing more of them with you soon. Meanwhile, today we drove North to Onomea and walked around the old sugar fields and past the long shuttered Pepeekeo Sugar Factory. I only had my cell phone with me, so these are not as high quality as I usually post ... but I could not resist taking a few pictures of the things we saw today. I hope you enjoy them too.

Taro Growing
Remnants of an old building basement

The Public Access to the Ocean
Ocean views

Giant Gear from the Sugar Industry

Momma Cow

Twins in the shade!

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RONW said...

that's how blog photos should be. The images seem impromptu.