Friday, October 30, 2009

Show and Tell Fridays

Most fridays I do what we did in elementary school on Fridays... I have "show and tell" where I spotlight a favorite blog of mine and then using the "links" from that blog, wander around the internet and sharing with you what I have found. This is an actual class picture of my 4th grade class. Can you find me? Probably not unless you knew me then.

Today I am starting with a beautiful blog, full of eye candy from the top of Mauna Kea mountain. It is done by Tom, an astronomer and fellow FBI Blogger who came here from the UK.
Tom's Blog is one you are going to enjoy seeing. He gets fabulous sunsets and sunrises up there on top of the clouds and his viewers benefit from his many sleepless nights. So click away and enjoy his photography! From Tom's blog roll I found Alice and her rather amazing blog:

A Thousand Monkeys and a Camera. Alice comes all the way from Chattanooga, Tennessee, a place I used to visit when we lived in Atlanta. I have even stayed in the funky Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel there, made up or rail cars and cabooses. I also love the very state of the art Tennessee Aquarium, which in my opinion is the best aquarium in a land locked state. Another interesting thing about Alice is that I see she lists links of a few towns on her site and one of them is Huntley, IL, which was a few miles from our house in Sleepy Hollow, IL ! So, for whatever reason we have a geography link of sorts. And then I also see that she is a supporter of the Matthew Shepard Foundation three more cheers for the girl! Me too! And then I see she is a lefty like me and she also does food porn... come on now how did I just happen to click on someone with whom I have so much in common? Kismet I suppose. Make sure and click on her food porn page while you are visiting!

And so who did Alice lead me to? Go ask Alice! Sorry, I could not resist. Alice led me to:

101 Cookbooks, a site which I have visited before and really do like, so get a load of this page about Holloween Food ideas there! Hedi has some really good ones, like Roasted Pumpkin Salad and Thai-Spiced Pumpkin Soup. Those two sound really wonderful to me. I do have a friend, Damon Tucker who does not like pumpkin one little bit. I discovered this when I posted about making Pumpkin Ravioli! Heidi Swanson lives in San Francisco (where I lived before moving to Hawaii) and started her blog when she came to the realization that she had over 100 cookbooks and just kept buying them, but making her same repertoire of recipes for daily life. She decided to stop buying cookbooks and start opening her cookbooks and trying new recipes and ideas. She was however unsuccessful at not buying cookbooks ... I can totally relate here... but she did cut back. For our benefit,. Heidi did start cooking from her library and since 2003 she has been blogging about her adventures in the food world.

And so that is our three random blogs for Show and Tell Friday! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


canders said...

Thanks so much for the link to Tom's blog. I had somehow overlooked it before. I was astounded to discover that he is playing a central role in one of the great astronomical discoveries of the decade. How exciting! I am certainly anticipating the trip to see this window on the universe at the top of the BI.

alice said...

Devany, thanks for letting me know about the feature! I replied to your email, but my message bounced back at me for some reason. But I'll see you around the blogosphere...