Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Ultimate Smoked Turkey

Free Turkey: maple smoked at 225 degrees for 8 hours : proclaimed "best ever" by our guests....


Samdooby said...


I have had smoked Turkey at a barbeque competition in Michigan. Amazing. Especially smoked turkey tails!!

Good job. I love anything other than the "norm" roast turkey is good but my fav...

1.) Deep Fried Turkey
2.) Turduken
3.) Smoked Turkey

Keep up the good posts!!

RONW said...

weren't you suppose to pardon him?

Jeff said...

The best part about a smoked turkey is smoked turkey carcass. Awesome for some stock and I love the smoked stock in jambalaya.

Nicely done!

Devany said...

Sam, I am so with you on the Deep Fried Turkey. I LOVE those! Gave up my turkey fryer when we moved here, but thinking of investing in a new one next year. The burner is also great for paella.

Jeff, You are so right. Even when I have done turkey in a traditional manner (we have stores that were giving them away here) I smoke the carcass instead of roasting the bones and the flavor is incredible. My favorite wood for smoking the turkey is maple, as it is less harsh and adds a bit of sweetness to the turkey.

Ron... pardon him? Actually I buy hens, but yes, I know that would be the humane thing to do ;-) I will let Obama do the pardoning.

bath mateus said...

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