Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : With a bit of commentary

Forgive the low quality of these images, they were shot with a cell phone and I was trying to do it incognito... so I did not get really close to the subjects. 

The first one shows why I bake my own bread... this bread is ON SALE at KTA for $7.19... regularly $7.99 (it is my favorite brand if I am going to buy bread)

OK... this is another grocery store photo... at the Downtown Sack n Save Hilo. You may not be able to read the caption on the sign, but it says "FIRE DOOR DO NOT BLOCK" Nobody better start a fire in there! 

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pedalpower said...

I was shocked at the price of bread when I was there...if I ever live in HI my bread machine will get a good workout! Or I'll eat a lot less bread, which would also be a good thing!