Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coconut Boy!

We have several very large coconut trees on our property, as well as some king palms and royal palms. As beautiful as palms are, they need to be trimmed to maintain their attractiveness. And of course... there is a harvest of many big coconuts just lustily hanging from the tops of the trees. While I see this as a culinary opportunity, Wes sees them as a liability. He is worried that they may fall and knock out our gardener some day. So, along comes Coconut Boy! He has been trimming these very trees for several years. He knocked on the door today just when I was about to call someone to come out and trim the trees. Hawaiian Kismet!

He spent the better part of the day climbing and trimming and harvesting coconuts from just one of our trees. He will be back tomorrow to do the other five. And... while I let him take a lot of the coconuts to sell, we are keeping some too. So, expect some fresh coconut ideas coming out of my kitchen on the pacific!


Susan said...

Can't wait for the coconut recipes! The next International Dinner is themed the Caribbean! And someday our coconuts will be that big!

From a fellow oceanfront dweller in HPP. Aloha, Susan
PS Great view!

noel said...

nice pictures, i look forward to some amazing coconut recipes too!

Beep said...

Devany, what a beautiful blog you have! I wish I could email you but I can't get your email w/out being logged into that forum where I saw you and the admin cannot fix my problem; he does not know why I can't log in! Frustrating since I wish I could respond to all of your kind messages. I hate having it look like I'm just rude! (((hugs)))

sanjeet said...

someday our coconuts will be that big!
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Nancie McDermott said...

So do you do cooking classes at your home? I believe there is a French phrase for "worth the journey" in relationship to food as destination. I don't know it, but the more I read your posts and blogs, the more certain I am that such would be worth the journey. Thank you for a magnificent view, again.