Monday, April 26, 2010

Final NYC Post: RAMPS!

I have long loved ramps, before they were the new arugula. Being in Hawaii is something that has prevented me from cooking and eating ramps, along with another of my favorite wild spring treats, morels. I have not found any  morels here in New York, but last week suddenly ramps appeared at Union Square Green Market and even Whole Foods. I greedily cooked them twice and this post is a result of the last meal I made with them:

Duck breasts sauteed then finished off in the oven served with a reduction  of pomegranate juice (syrup consistency) on a bed of wild baby arugula tossed with olive oil and lemon, Russian fingerling potatoes halved and blanched then sauteed in the remaining duck fat, grilled asparagus and ramps and grilled pineapple slices for dessert.
Please go here:  Spring Dinner With Ramps  for the full post on my other blog. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures!


Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

noel said...


i don't know why these don't grow here, i wonder if they are just not known..for some reason i thought i saw them at the macuu market with one of the organic vendors :)

welcome back, warm aloha :)