Monday, May 10, 2010

Whole Fresh Grilled Ahi Tacos

Straight off the boat for $2 a pound... how could I resist this fish? I asked my Facebook friends for cooking ideas, but went back to my original plan... to very simply cook the fish over a fire as a whole fish, then to shred it and serve with home made tortillas, avocado, onions, cilantro, salsa and crema. On the side was an Espiau's Salad and Cuban Black Beans. Simple is best sometimes.
After the fish was gutted, I stuffed the cavity with lemon slices, lemon grass, olive oil, garlic, smoked sea salt and kaffir lime leaves. Then it was placed on the grill, slathered with olive oil and sea salt, then grilled for about 12 minutes on each side. After it was cooked, I served it whole on the table and I shredded the meat from the bone for the tacos. Ed ate a good bit of the meat before making tacos. It was really delicious.

My friend Brenda tackles the cleaning of the fish... 

Using two baking racks one on top of the other, you have a "fish cage" that makes it easy to flip the fish. 
Served with wedges of lime and lemon
And Brenda made her first tortillas after a brief lesson!
You can go to my other blog for a lesson in making tortillas. It is very easy to do and so delicious too!

Several bottles of wine later, we concluded that we had consumed yet another wonderful meal together. 


noel said...

looks delicious...probably the best way to do this type of fish because if you try to filet gets pretty messy!

Travellady said...

Can I make a reservation for dinner at your house next time I am in Hawaii?