Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spaghetti with Gorgonzola Mac Nut Sauce

Last night I made a simple and absolutely delicious dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti with a Gorgonzola Macadamia Nut Sauce. Served with a light salad and some garlic bread, it was a meatless night. The leftover sauce will also be good on a steak when the time comes to grill one!

Here is the recipe:

6 tablespoons Olive Oil, divided 2:4
2 shallots diced
8 cloves of garlic rough cut
A handful of fresh Italian Basil
Juice and Zest of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
3/4 cup macadamia nuts
1/2 cup Parmesan Reggiano
1/4 # Gorgonzola Cheese crumbled or cubed
3/4 cup of heavy cream
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Hot cooked whole wheat spaghetti


Dry roast the mac nuts in a frying pan and allow to cool completely.
In a large skillet heat 2 Tablespoons olive oil and sauté the shallots till translucent and just tinged with gold on the ends.
While cooking the shallots place the garlic, basil, mac nuts, lemon juice and zest, parmesan, red pepper and remaining 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a food processor and process until you have a dry pesto.
Add the gorgonzola and cream to the frying pan with the shallots. Cook on low heat, stirring constantly until the cheese has fully melted. Add the pesto to the sauce and stir, cooking on low another 2 minutes to heat through. Taste and add salt and pepper. You may not need any salt at all because the cheeses are salty and the lemon adds spark. I use lots of black pepper though.
Add to the hot pasta and toss. Dress with a bit of fresh parsley and additional red pepper.


Lucy said...

Thanks for posting yet another great reciepe! Oh I love to cook whole grain pasta with cheese's like this. We can get great cheese's here at the marketplace. Just picked up 3 lbs of Mauna Loa macnuts in sea salt at Costco yesterday. Wonder if I should rinse that salt off them, hmmm probably should. I can do this and am hungry for it already!

Lyndsey said...

Oh my goodness this looks so good! Nice photos of how to do it! Thanks for this great recipe!