Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fresh Catch!

Wasabi Hoisin Mahi Mahi

Along the side of the road an old white pickup truck was parked. A cardboard sign, read "Fresh Mahi Mahi and Mangoes." I really should have a bumper sticker on my car, "Caution, I stop for roadside produce." It is a common place thing here in Hawaii, for a fisherman or farmer to just park his truck at an advantageous spot and let the people come. I made an instant decision to pull over and went from 45 to a full stop in about 10 seconds. My friend Maria and I were really interested in the Mangoes... and bought some beautiful big juicy ones. And then I said, "Let me see your fish." He complied. I bought.
I sent out a shout on FB asking for suggestions on how to prepare the beautiful fresh filets. I immediately got over 25 replies. My original thoughts were to either simply grill the filets or to grind up some mac nuts and crust them, but I asked for ideas and I got lots of them. I chose to combine a couple of ideas. My friend Gail shared a method she learned at Taylor Camp in the '60's: Slather with wasabi, splash on soy sauce and bake.
In the end, I gave the filets a little bath of olive oil, then put them on the grill along with some hot chiles I was roasting and some gently smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes from a local farm. After the first side had grilled, I flipped the filets and added a light coating of wasabi paste, then a drizzle of Hoisin Sauce. I let it cook about 3 minutes and removed it from the grill. I served it with a cabbage salad, AMAZING corn on the cob from another truck farmer emergency stop on the side of Highway 19 and the smashed grilled Yukon Golds. It was a fine dinner. 99.9% local, only the Wasabi, olive oil and Hoisin were imported. This recipe is so simple and so delicious, you must try it even if you do not have a truck on the side of your highway selling fresh catch. It would also be a good treatment for salmon, ono, ahi and many other fish.


Jimh. said...

We just had some boiled yukons and sour cream, fresh corn on the cob, and quick pan fried zucchini/yellow squash. Almost totally vegetarian(except for the bacon bits on the potatoes) which is rare for our house! Funny that we had dinners so very near identical...except for the fish.

Bob said...

Aloha Devany - That photo looks very similar to the one in our Taylor Camp documentary film. Yum! Check out the film at http://TaylorCampKauai.com


Robert Stone, Director

Devany said...

Jim... we must be in sync! Bob, I never saw the fish in the film, was it in there? Anwyay, my friend Gail was at TC and learned to cook it this way. I saw the film when you were at the Palace Theater in Hilo... really great documentary.