Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pizza for Breakfast: A Tale of Two Pies

Pizza is one of my favorite foods to make. The dough is one of the breads I enjoy getting my hands into and the toppings are unlimited. It just depends what I have in the fridge and garden. Last night I made a couple of pies and have some leftovers for breakfast. I love cold pizza for breakfast. I keep pizza dough in the freezer and take some out when the mood strikes me. Here is my Pizza Dough Recipe as well as the formula I use for making Garlic Butter Bread Sticks with the dough.
Last night I made two distinctly different pies. One with red sauce I had left over from a pasta dinner . The sauce had spinach and Italian Sausage in it and I added pepperoni, porcini mushrooms,
mozzarella & raw red onions with fresh basil and oregano from the garden. 
The second pizza was made with no sauce, caramelized onions, 
Gorgonzola cheese, Puna Goat Cheese (available at Island Naturals) with mac nuts and basil, 
mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, rosemary and  a sprinkle of Parmigiana Regiano. After baking for 5 minutes at 550 degrees on the hearth stone, thin slices of prosciutto are added and it is baked for 1 more minute.


Anonymous said...


Remind me never to visit your site when I am hungry...

I should have known better... but still my stomach said... click!

Anonymous said...

Seriously... I think Jim would be envious and needs to hire a new cook... but I'll keep my mouth shut since I never even got to taste this buggah!