Monday, November 8, 2010

Chipotle, Strawberry & Lilikoi Jam

My friends Jim and Cherie own a strawberry farm in Mountain View. The farm is a hydroponic farm and many of our group of friends chipped in to help plant the thousands of bare root berry plants. And the fun part is that we got invited back to pick berries! So, what do you do with a gallon of strawberries that only have a shelf life of two days or so? We had berries with home made whipped cream for two nights, then what? Make Jam! When I make jams and jellies I like to do flavors that I cannot buy in the store, so I decided to make A Chipotle, Strawberry & Lilikoi Jam. I Have lots of Lilikoi (passion fruit) growing here and constantly am juicing it. You can omit the lilikoi if you do not have access to it. You can also make this with frozen berries.  You can play with jam making, it is fairly easy to do, just follow the directions on the kind of pectin you buy, or here is what I did for some perfectly spicy, sweet and tangy jam, which also made a great glaze on grilled chicken breasts. I had it on toast yesterday and it was incredible. I think maybe I could just eat this stuff with a spoon! Or dip chocolate in it! You can make a very small batch of refrigerator or freezer jam if you do not have all of the equipment.
Chipotle, Strawberry & Lilikoi Jam

8 cups strawberries
1 can Chipotle Chiles in Adobo
4 cups raw organic sugar
1 cup honey
1 cup Lilikoi juice
2 envelopes of LIQUID Pectin
Special Equipment: Canner with rack, jars, jar lifter, canning funnel and new seals.

Put jars, lids and seals in dishwasher and run on the hottest temperature. Leave in the dishwasher till you are ready to use. If you don't want to to this, wash all items and then place in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes and leave in the hot water till you are ready to use them.

Process chiles, lilikoi and berries in a food processor, being careful not to over process, you want some pieces of berry.

Makes 12 pint jars of jam.

Pour berry mixture, sugar & honey into a large pot. Cook, stirring frequently till mixture comes to a boil. Add the liquid pectin and cook for another 5 minutes. Immediately pour the hot jam into hot jars and put the lids on. Once you have completed this, put the jars into a canner with warm water and bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Remove and cool. Once the jam is completely cool it will solidify. If you want to use it as a glaze, just heat it up in a small pan. This is also great served over cream cheese or marscapone.


Tinky said...

This sounds perfect to me. I love hot and sweet combinations. Can't wait to make it......

Carrie Rojo said...

Devany, thanks for your wonderful Chipotle...It is beyond delicious! Sweet, tangy, spicy...yum.

Anonymous said...

Lovely berries! Do your friends have a website or an phone number? I'd love to visit their farm.

Nancy Baggett said...

Yummy pics. Make me want to make some too. Certainly no passion fruit though--very envious U have those

sherry said...

Looking forward to trying this once I get my hands on some fresh strawberries - sounds wonderful! I'm also a fan of fruit with a little bit of heat.

Kelli Braxton said...

I'm loving the jars!! The jam looks amazing and the jars make it perfect!