Friday, January 16, 2009

A Whole Lot of Plantin' Goin' On!

Well, we have been living in our new Hawaiian Home for 10 days! Yesterday was planting day for our new fruit and spice trees. Last Monday we went with our friend Kelly to Plant It Hawaii, a wholesale nursery in Kurtistown to pick up the order we selected when we were here in November. Yesterday, Kelly's farm worker Abel (who I call the incredible hunk) came to plant the trees and vines. He brought lots of organic furtilizer, compost and cinders to aireate the soil. Here is what we got planted yesterday: 2 Eureka Lemons, 2 Improved Meyer Lemons, 2 Variegated Pink Eureka Lemons, 2 Moro Blood Oranges, 3 Buddah's Hand Citrons, 2 Calamondin Limes, 2 Kaffir Limes (they are going on the lanais, underplanted with herbs), 2 Tahiti Limes, 4 Minneola Tangelos (excellent for juicing), 1 Kahalu'u Avocado, 1 Sharwill Avocado, 2 Dwarf Meiwa Kumkwats, 1 KeittMango, 4 Vanilla vines, 1 Allspice tree, 1 Cinnamon Tree, 1 Clove Tree, 2 Nutmeg Trees, 2 large Curry Leaf Trees (going in large pots on front porch where it is more protected), 2 each of Yellow, purple and orange Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) vines and about 30 varieties of herbs and peppers which will go in containers on the lanais and front porch. As these grow, flower and fruit, I will share more pictures of the trees as well as recipes and ideas as to what to do with the fruit and spices!

A BIG Thank You to our friend Kelly Moran of Hilo Brokers for the plants and labor. Another round of thanks goes to Abel the "Incredible Hunk" who planted all of the trees and vines for us. If you ever need a great real estate agent, contact Kelly at:
Office: 808-969-9400 x11
Cell: 808-938-5757
Fax: 808-969-7900
Toll Free: 800-769-4456

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Connie Lou said...

How wonderful, guys are going for it..I cannot wait for the recipes!