Monday, July 6, 2009

The Magic Slipper... BBA Challenge Ciabatta

Ciabatta at sunrise on Hilo Bay

OK... I tried this one twice, trying ever so hard to create those big air filled bubbles within rustic breads. I made beautiful soft loaves, but out of six of them had the bubbles I was aiming for. My ciabatta... "slipper" bread never developed the "big shiny holes". The bread has been around for over fifty years, named by a baker in Lake Como Italy because it took on the shape of a slipper like those in the region. I made both batches with the poolish (and next time I will try the biaga, in the hope that is the secret to the bubbles!). I religiously followed Mr. Reinhart's directions, twice and while the bread was beautiful and delicious, it was denser than I had hoped it would be. The flavor was amazing and the texture was awesome. The crust was nice, slightly chewy. BUT where were the bubbles? That is what I want to know!

These little slipper loaves are beautiful and I know eventually I will have this figured out.


Anonymous said...

I take reject breads!

Wait a minute... that still looks better then anything I ever purchase!

susies1955 said...

Looks just as good or better than mine girl. :)
TASTE.........TASTE is what is important.
Many are saying this recipe needs more water.
As always, great photos,

Pete Eatemall said...

I am waiting for my results as i write. We'll see about bubbles. Homemade bread is the best - no bubbles or with bubbles. Gorgeous pics as always! happy baking!

Devany said...

Damon... you are too kind.

Susie, I too thought that the dough was just a little bit dryer than it should have been, mine was not really sticky, more tacky. I will keep trying on this one though.

Devany said...

Pete Girl... I went to your blog... great peach cake. OMG!

Nicole is late posting her bread too. I will go back later and check if you got the coveted air bubbles!

Cindy said...

With that gorgeous view in the background, no one is looking at your unholey bread!!

I also had a tight dense bread and am determined to get those big holes!!

Jeff said...

I love the background in the pic!! Another bread down and off to the rolls. I just finished mine up and I am a total carb coma.