Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays; My Orchids


RONW said...

these are in your own backyard! I almost fell over.

Devany said...


Yes, they are, but they do not all bloom at the same time!

SherylR said...

Hi Devany,
Your orchid pictures are magnificent. I still need to get back to you about Hilo Orchid Society's show August 7-9. Tomorrow and Friday are catch up days on that. BEAUTIFUL shots.
Sheryl R.

volcano gail said...

gorgeous photos of the beautiful flowers. Sometimes I fantasize about how it would look if they all bloomed at once here in the forest. Of course that would mean lots of time with no orchids at all... I love it when the fragrant ones send out their sprays, and you are walking near them, and not yet aware where the sensation is coming from.