Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Big Island Orchid Show and Sale

I am a sucker for orchids. I had them even when I lived in snowy Chicago. But there I had to limp through cold winters and keep them on shelves in my guest rooms. Then I moved to the East Bay and I had over 50 plants, but even there the cold nights had an effect on them. Here, I am in Orchid Heaven. I have them growing and blooming all over the gardens and house. Here is a link to my recent post about the orchids in my gardens: My Orchids
Because we have so many orchid growers here on the "Orchid Isle" there are real bargains at the growers and farmer's markets. Our climate on the coast is ideal for most varieties and they bloom lavishly with very little effort on my part.

This weekend is the Hilo Orchid Show and Sale put on by the Hilo Orchid Society. The event takes place over 3 days and there are not only lots of incredible orchids for sale there, you will also be able to see some new hybirds and demonstrations on cultivating orchids here. Of course there are also orchid themed products; gifts, crafts and even clothing being sold at the show. See you there!


SherylR said...

Hi Devaney,
Am just now catching my breath after the wonderful week of orchids. Thanks so much for sharing the info on our show....Sheryl

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