Thursday, September 17, 2009

New True Blood Pictures!

If you read Tuesday's Post, then you already know about the huge costume/dinner party we had here for our True Blood Ohana. The pictures I posted then were ones I took, since then photographer/friend Ricardo Zepeda (who came dressed as the sheriff) sent me some more pictures, so I am posting them here. This time you will see my costume too. I came as Gran, Sookie and Jason Stackhouse's dear departed grandmother.

Janet applies makeup to Noel (Lafayette)

The Evil Maryann Arrives! Watch out when she starts vibrating!
Lafayette tries to ward off MaryAnn.... watch out for the black eyes!

Here we have Sookie, Maryann, Gran, Crazy Toilet Paper Lady and the Sheriff

Time for a Pah tee! Swamp Juice Anyone?

Women's work is never done, Maryann works on the mufaletta sandwiches and Gran stirs the crab dip!


asly said...

Well, after seeing all of this, I rented the True Blood first season from Netflix, soon I'll know who all of these characters are "supposed to be dressed up as" :-) This ohana looks like a fun bunch!

Devany said...

Yes Asly watch True Blood and when you get here you can join our True Blood Ohana! It is a great show! But the Ohana is even better... wonderful fun friends!