Thursday, January 21, 2010

What it is like to sit at my desk

A typical morning finds me up at 4 am and after walking the dog, feeding the cat, making coffee and turning on the computer, this is what it is like:


Cloudia said...

Come sail away
on Hilo Bay!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Pickled Parlor said...

So pretty you are so lucky!

noel said...

beautiful video devany, it showed up in you tube but on your site, i think the formatting cut off half the imagery, might need to change your margins.

i need to wake up early for a change to watch the sun rise.

Devany said...

Thanks Noel... fixed it. Cloudia... I love that song too.

pedalpower said...

It's like heaven.

Anonymous said...

That looks to be near perfection to me. Lucky you.

Karen Newton

Devany said...

Pedal Power... if you are coming to the big island, no socks needed. Please let me know it would be fun to meet you and your sister! We are on the Hilo (green) side.

Karen, how nice of you to stop by after all of these years!