Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pork Belly

I actually think that bacon (aka pork belly) is probably one of the most diverse and craving inducing foods known to man. Pork Belly can be cured and made into pancetta or cured and smoked and made into bacon, made into one of my favorite Asian flavorings, Char Sui or in some cases just cooked in interesting ways. Here are a few fun things done with it...

Visit Bacon World, where bacon becomes art! These photos are courtesy of
It is not all bacon... he uses cold cuts too

And then there is David Beran, one of my favorite Chicago chefs from Alinea. I consider Chef David to be a food artisan... making amazing flavors and displaying  them in innovative and beautiful ways. He uses tweezers and surgical instruments to create his incredible dishes. In this video he shows us how he works his magic with a pork belly dish: Alinea-Video 

Another thing that always cracked me up when I was a kid was the commodities market, remember hearing about the price of Pork Bellies... now "I so get it!" And today at least the market is UP!

Pork Bellies (CME)
February 10 (cents per lb.)
89.30+0.2589.8589.3090.251/21 10:29am

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