Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday My Tardy Christmas Cactus

This Christmas Cactus is ten years old, but really it is far older. It is a cutting from a very old Chicago family Christmas Cactus given to us by our dear friend Larry Heinemann when we were married in 2000. When he gave it to us, it was a cutting in a six inch pot with three little stems. If you live in Hawaii, let me know and I will give you some cuttings. The whole ordeal of being shipped here may have something to do with it's tardiness at blooming this year. We'll see what happens next year.


Cloudia said...

How sweet pink!

Aloha, Neighbor Island Friend

Comfort Spiral

damontucker said...

Nice pics...

Missed the cut off time for the FBI Blogs.

WW's need to be posted by 10:00 on Wednesdays to make it to FBI if it's been a heavily blogged day.

Larry said...

Devany, the cactus looks spectacular; congratulations. The cutting came from a plant that my mom brought into the house when I was 10, over 50 years ago. A long history, and I was glad to share it with you. And Hawaii obviously agrees with it.