Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Trip to Charleston

Fried Chicken Skin with Honey and Hot Sauce from HUSK in Charleston, South Carolina
 I was recently in Charleston, South Carolina for a few days visiting my friends Holly Herrick and Nathalie Dupree. Click on the title to see more.

 They are both food writers and so we had some incredible food and lots of fun. The three of us dined at the newly famous Husk, which was amazing and quite a treat for a girl that lives on an island in the middle of the ocean. I have lived in the Low Country before and love it hugely. The food scene there has really been on the cutting edge for the last several years, with the trend as in most places, local seasonal ingredients. Husk sources everything from "the south" so they take local a little farther than most, but this also gives them an amazing array of products and produce to choose from. Every day the menu changes and every day you can see the menu of the day on their website. They are all archived too, so you can go back and see some of the very creative dishes that they served.

Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed at Husk:
Sweet Tea Brined Chicken Wings with Kentuckyaki Glaze and  Scallions
Sweet Tea Brined Baby Back Ribs with a house rendered Chicharone

Rudder Fish on Rice Grits with Peas

Citrus Pana Cotta

BBQ Pig Ears in Lettuce Wraps 

Pecan Tart

You can see more fun food pics from this trip on my food blog, The Sassy Spoon.

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